The whispers came in the night. They came in the moments that connect the waking to the dreaming. Vicious and appalling sounds became easy and calming in time. Hateful things in the waking became common place. New worlds opened up, new and terrible possibilities became realized. All without the host knowing.

Weapon X #1 (Marvel)

Greg Pak (W) Greg Lands (A)

This is an amazing team, but I am hesitant on the premise of this comic. Can it really last all that long? I mean, this is a very specific team up. I hope my questions are answered.

Grass Kings #2 (Boom! Studio)

Matt Kindt (W) Tyler Jenkins (A)

This comic isn’t bad, I’m just not sure if it’s really my style. The weeks to come are jam packed with new comics, so some of these guys are on the chopping block from issue #1. Impress me, oh lords of comic.

Godshaper #1 (Boom! Studios)

Simon Spurrier (W) Jonas Goonface (A)

Checking out some of the new titles coming out this week, this one caught my eye for sure. I’ve heard amazing things about Spurrier, and the concept seems strange enough to keep me coming back. Lets hope that’s the truth.

Justice League of America #4 (DC)

Steve Orlando (W) Ivan Reis (A)

This series started off running. I love this concept, I love the execution of the first arc, there is a lot going on here. This is a comic to keep your eyes on, for sure.

Detective Comics #954 (DC)

James Tynion IV (W) Marico Takara (A)

What was only myth is now a very real enemy. Also, Batman’s father-figure issues manifest in a boxing match with his father-figure. Freud would be proud.

Old Man Logan #21 (Marvel)

Jeff Lemire (W) Filipe Andrade (A)

Holy shit. This send off arc is going to be fucking off the chain. While I’m sad to see Lemire go, I think the series will be in good hands. As for now, enjoy the ride.

Copperhead #12 (Image)

Jay Faerber (W) Drew Moss (A)

Came back with a bang and ended with the cold thud of a corpse. Okay, well not literally, but in regard to the purity of the judicial/law enforcement system, totally.

Seven to Eternity #5 (Image)

Rick Remender (W) Jerome Opena (A)

This solicitation comes with some heavy words. I feel like some bad decisions are going to be made…that….echo through the lands of Zhal…for all eternity. Fine you caught me, I just repeated what the solicitation said.

Wonder Woman #20 (DC)

Greg Rucka (W) Bilquis Evely (A)

Man, Rucka likes to fuck with everyone in the way of his main characters. Friends and foe alike. This dude has some real dark shit going on in his life.

The spiders had made it a ritual. Crawling close to the sleeping bodies, speaking evil in their ears. The tendrils of their tones weaving their way into the unconscious minds of the populace. No one even knew they were becoming pawns. Life continued on as usual, with a more nefarious heart.