Bloodshot is one of the foundations of the Valiant Universe, a comic book world that we here at DFAT have always preached is one of the best around. The characters are engaging, it’s easy to get into reading them, and it’s a freaking blast of a time when they team up. It’s not that unlike the Big 2 but without the 80 years of history and reboots you have to schlog through just to find out what new ‘epic event’ is happening at the moment.

This is Valiant’s first foray into the collectibles universe, especially at that 1/6th scale and it makes sense to put Bloodshot as the premiere figure. With Vin Diesel donning the role next year, it’s a good time to unveil the collectible. Sculpted by TBLeague/Phicen, you can check out the unboxing video below.

Valiant Soars into C2E2 in the Windy City with a Star-Studded Panel and More

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