Good morning Towelite Plastic Pursuers! This week we had some gems announced so let’s get on to the collectibles that you will be wanting to get your collective hands on! 

We saw the reveal at SDCC and unlike usual Mezco fashion the Iron Fist One 12: Collective figure was put up for pre-order this past Monday. While this figure looks great and will take advantage of the clothed action figure style, I (and may others) wish that there was some sort of belt for Danny boy. The suit looks a little weird but is easily fixed with a little customizing. Head on over to our affiliate site Entertainment Earth to snag this one now!


To be honest I really don’t give a crap about this set but I know many of you do. Call me when they make the Seinfeld one. Pick up the LEGO Ideas Friends Central Perk set starting September 1st at the Lego Shop.


Loved this movie and I find these Funko POP! Us figures to be super creepy and would look great in a collection. Here’s the official rundown:

Go on an adventure to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk but don’t be surprised if your beach adventure takes a terrifying turn. Bring home Pop! Adelaide with chains and a fire poker, Pop! Red with oversized scissors, Pop! Abraham with a bat, Pop! Umbrae with scissors and Pop! Pluto with a mask and Chase (mask up!).

Pop! Jason with a mask is available exclusively on Funko Shop.

Pre-order is now live over at our affiliate site Entertainment Earth!


While we’ve been patiently waiting on Super 7 to revive the Thundercats Classics line, I hope that they treat this like they did with the MOTU Filmation figures. I don’t want to have to purchase an entire set of figures I already bought from Mattel to finish off my base team. Please Super 7 make this easier than I think it’s going to be! Anyways look for an announcement coming this Monday, August 12th!


Happy Hunting!

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