DFAT Comics first comic book, Hollowed, is currently on Kickstarter and going strong. In part, due to the artistic efforts of Joel Saavedra and his variant cover work. Now, he’s illustrating the new comic called Coronary: Episode Three which is on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW! Written by Ryan Burke, the comic is Black Mirror meets Romeo and Juliet. Check out their page, pledge, and help bring this comic to life!

Plastic Surgery; Fashionable, Free.

SYNOPSIS: Coronary is a 12 part comic series about a world where plastic surgery is free and the social pressure to look perfect is higher than ever before. This series is written by Ryan Burke and illustrated by Joel Saavedra and Damian Penalba. The Kickstarter for Coronary: Episode Three aims to raise $5250 and will launch on April 1st and run until the 31st. 

According to a recent study by GlamourHealth, 97 percent of women admitted to having at least one moment where they hated their body. This is become harmful cultural and societal influences have constantly told women that their body needs to be trained and will never be good enough. This standard of beauty is affecting girls as young as 3 to 6 years old. A study by University of Central Florida found that nearly half of 3 to 6 year olds were concerned about being fat. 

This is where Coronary enters the global conversation on body positivity and acceptance. This comic was created to promote loving your own body and ignoring what harmful messages advertisements and the media have to say. 

In this comic plastic surgery is free and fashionable. Don’t like your nose? Get it fixed. Thighs too big? There’s a miracle pill for that. Women learn to hate their bodies from beauty ads and then get it fixed for free in an endless cycle of self-hate and surgery. But there’s hope, a young girl Luna is happy as herself and wants everyone else to love themselves. The only way she can change this endless cycle is to stop it from the top. The top just happens to be, Justin, a young business tycoon who’s been profiting off low self esteem by providing them cosmetic surgery, lifestyle coaches and miracle pills.