“Your life is just an echo of what it once was. You have failed us in every way possible.” Your parents really had a way of talking to people. They both stood above you looking down from a catwalk. You stand on the ground, remnants of furniture still unburned lie in piles on the floor, some still smoldering. You thought about pleading, but decided against it. It would do nothing, they’d still keep you down here, testing you. Shrugging, you walk to the center of the room and sit, staring quietly at them until they leave. “Maybe you’ll try harder tomorrow.” Your mother said softly before Father slammed the door.


Howling Commandos of Shield #3 (Marvel)

Frank Barbiere (W) Brent Schoonover (A)

So very upset with my not 100% infatuation with this comic. It has such a cool premise, along with a team like this behind it, I was expecting too much I am afraid. It’s a decent comic, but not one I feel I need to read after the first arc finishes up. We will see


Colder: Toss The Bones #4 of 5 (Dark Horse)

Paul Tobin (W) Juan Ferreyra (A)

I think this is the last arc I’ll be following of this comic. Sometimes you just gotta clean house, this one has gathered some dust.


Batman and Robin Eternal #13 (DC)

James Tynion IV (W) Marcio Takara (A)

Some really interesting stuff has been brewing in the pages of this series. Namely the idea that Robin was created, not found. Not to spoil anything, but if this lore sticks, that’s a major shift.


Batman Europa #3 of 4 (DC)

Matteo Casali (W) Guiseppe Camuncoli (A)

Less impressed with the second issue than I was the first, but that’s still saying a lot. This comic is great. I suggest you get into it before it is kaput.


Ringside #2 (Image)

Joe Keatinge (W) Nick Barber (A)

Missed this comic the first issue, picked it up a couple days later and dammit did I miss something great. Well, I suppose I didn’t miss it, I just missed telling you all about it. So really, it only sucks for you.

captain america white 5

Captain America: White #5 of 5 (Marvel)

Jeph Loeb (W) Tim Sale (A)

The end of one of the most awaited and longest awaited Marvel comics of all time. So far I’d say they hit it out of the friggan park. This series is phenomenal, I can only imagine it will end the same.


Rumble #10 (Image)

John Arcudi (W) James Harren (A)

The end of arc two will fill us in on the continuing saga of Rathraq and friends. This arc has been really solid so far, introducing plenty of new concepts and characters to keep the ball rolling, while also giving us a much deeper look at our primary cast. This comic is a keeper.


East of West #23 (Image)

Jonathan Hickman (W) Nick Dragotta (A)

Hickman has a way with few words. I recall an issue from the Fantastic Four run he wrote that took an intensely emotional period in their lives and captured it without the use of words. He does a similar thing in the last issue, only with more murder.

Don’t kill people, try to be nice. People are only people, you have to realize that they make mistakes too. Acceptance is the only way to peace.