The nights began to blend into the following days. It was that time of year when he was getting home just as the sun was breaching the horizon. Living in this strange twilight made Jerry feel isolated from the rest of the world. It made his duty to the universe a little easier to do.

Generation: Iron Man & Iron Heart #1 (Marvel)

Brian Michael Bendis (W) Marco Rudy (A)

Not entirely sure what this is all building towards. I mean, I’m excited for the Jason Aaron one-shot, but is that it? Was this all a big event? Or a small event? I’m not sure what’s happening.

Made Men #1 (Oni Press)

Paul Tobin (W) Arjuna Susini (A)

So, I only really know this is about Frankensteins. Yes, I know that the monster wasn’t Frankenstein, but that’s what they call them in the solicitation. Also it has cool art and I liked Tobin’s work on Colder, so I’m in.

Elsewhere #2 (Image)

Jay Faerber (W) Sumeyye Kesgin (A)

Not sure how I felt about the first issue of this comic. It was pretty interesting, but something hasn’t clicked with me yet. I’ll check out a few more issues.

Hawkeye #10 (Marvel)

Kelly Thompson (W) Leonardo Romero (A)

Kate is in a pickle. She doesn’t know how she got in this pickle. Someone please help her. I don’t know how much air is in the pickle.

Iron Fist #7 (Marvel)

Ed Brisson (W) Mike Perkins (A)

Fuck yeah, badass karate fight! Okay, so it’s not really karate, but still, you understand my excitement.

Scales & Scoundrels #1 (Image)

Sebastian Girner (W) Galaad (A)

I am really excited for this comic because of a few reasons. 1, I have a huge fantasy sized hole in my comics right now. 2, I really like Girner’s work on Shirtless Bear Fighter. 3, that art is awesome. It’s like Cliff Change smashed into Christian Ward, and that’s a good thing.

Champions #12 (Marvel)

Mark Waid (W) Humberto Ramos (A)

Okay, so Secret Empire is over, but we’re still doing this thing? I’m confused. Someone talk to Marvel about this for me.

Black Bolt #5 (Marvel)

Saladin Ahmed (W) Christian Ward (A)

This series jumped way up my list after that fucked up ending last issue. I didn’t know I had feelings about Crusher Creel, but I totally do, and now I’m mad about it.

Green Arrow #30 (DC)

Ben Percy (W) Otto Schmidt (A)

The team up I’ve been waiting for since this arc started is here. The green heroes meet up…again? Still not sure how all this new continuity stuff works. Did Hard Traveling heroes happen in this universe? Someone explain this.

Daredevil #26 (Marvel)

Charles Soule (W) Ron Garney (A)

While I dig the idea of Daredevil having a pupil, I’ve really been liking the last couple arcs without Blindspot. Looks like he’s back, and hopefully a little more interesting.

Outcast #30 (Image)

Robert Kirkman (W) Paul Azaceta (A)

This series has been picking up fantastically. There was a big lull in the middle of this run so far, I didn’t know where it was going, it felt slow, payoff was few and far between, but this last arc has been amazing.

Astonishing X-Men #3 (Marvel)

Charles Soule (W) Ed McGuinness (A)

I love this book. I love this team. I think you should be reading this 100%

Jessica Jones #12 (Marvel)
Brian Michael Bendis (W) Michael Gaydos (A)

Shit is about to hit the fan big time. Like more so than the rest of the shit in Jessica’s life. I am really excited to see what happens, hopefully there are some actual repercussions this time.

Seven to Eternity #9 (Image)

Rick Remender (W) Jerome Opena (A)

Opena is back baby. I really fucking love Harren, but Opena is what I signed up for. Although, if/when Harren comes back, it’ll be to a warm, loving embrace.

Batman #30 (DC)

Tom King (W) Clay Mann (A)


He trudged into the house, kicking off his shoes. With a reluctant wiggling of his fingers, he summoned a protection imp to guard the door. Stumbling over two cats, he made his way to the coffee machine and cast a heat incantation on his mug, along with a mild pain reliever spell and a splash of hazelnut creamer for good measure. Dragging his feet to the summoning circle, he placed his mug outside of the temporal rings as he prepared to rid the world of the interdimensional cancer that was infesting it.