5 QUESTIONS WITH P.W. Simon and Artii Smith – LILIN’S BROOD

Lilin’s Brood, out Feb 12, follows a news crew that wanders upon a desolate brothel encompassing some frightening secrets. The film is the brainchild of writer-directors Artii Smith and Phil Simon aka Mansa Mojo Brothas. 

  • Guys, tell us want interested you about this project?

Well this project was our original idea and as we researched deeper into the mythology of Lilith and her daughter Lilins, it added fuel to the fire and we became more intrigued with creating a world around that.  Once we created a solid story around them, we just couldn’t stop developing the project further.

  • Judging by the trailer, would you say it’s a horror movie less like the ones of today and more like the hardcore horror movies of the ‘70s?

Its less like the ones today at the same time it is not like the hard core movies of the 70s either.

  • Do either of you actually appear in the movie  – in an acting capacity?

Artii appears in the movie playing the role of Art, who is the new kid to the team and is trying to learn the ropes.

  • How did you find your actors?

We held a professional casting call for a couple of weekends. The actors came in and gave great performances and we chose our top performers after callbacks.

  • Why did you opt to independently distribute the film? Is it a way to maintain control over its future?

With where we were at when we made the decision it seemed like a good idea, still does. Yes, it is a way to maintain control over its future.

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