When Jack Kirby joined DC Comics he created something truly special, The Fourth World. Rich with characters from two polar opposite worlds, the New Gods was a new direction for comic book narration and art. DC and WB have announced that Ava DuVernay (A Wrinkle in Time) will helm the film, marking the second female director to take on a DC Universe character, while Kario Salem will pen the script.

Listen, I love the New Gods. I have the original comics, I have action figures AND I have seen how DC and WB treated them the first time around. Ugh. I really want to be happy about this project but all I have is a rock in my stomach. If DC can stay on track with their more “mythological” superhero movies like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and soon Shazam then maybe they will be successful. Casey and I just mentioned in our last podcast how maybe DC should just stick with these standalone movies set in the same universe and get some hits under their wing before they try and go big leagues with Justice League films. IT IS cool to know that DuVernay’s favorite character is Big Barda, so that’s a good start.