If you grew up like I grew up, then you were a big fan of watching Nickelodeon as a kid. Directors Scott Barber and Adam Sweeney got talking heads from the likes of Nickelodeon personalities like Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, both of the staple shows All That and Kenan & Kel. Plus, we’ll also hear from Marc Summers (Double Dare), Larisa Oleynik (The Secret World of Alex Mack), Phil Moore (Nick Arcade), Kirk Fogg(Legends of the Hidden Temple), Danny Cooksey (Salute Your Shorts), Christine McGlade (You Can’t Do That on Television) and many more.

Below we a clip from a segment on The Adventures of Pete & Pete, a show that was super weird and likely my favorite of all the Nickelodeon programming. It had a sweet theme song by Polaris and a ton of other musical guests, which get highlighted in the clip.

The movie makes it’s premiere at the Doc NYC fest next week. Can’t wait to see the full movie!

Top of the Stack: Comic Book New Releases 11/21/18

The town was small. Not like, creepy small, but definitely bordering it. Most people thought it was “cute”, but with the recent headlines plaguing the new stations, it was rapidly approaching creepy. Gerald and Kim had been working for the police force for a collected...

DFAT Unboxing: Mezco One: 12 Collective Joker Deluxe Figure!

What may very well be the penultimate Joker collectors item is unboxed below. Behold, the Mezco One: 12 Collective Deluxe Joker Figure!https://youtu.be/3qn7yV6sbp0 


A bunch of old releases this week, including Candyman, Urban Legend, and the best of all, 2001: A Space Odyssey in 4K.On the newer side, we get Crazy Rich Asians, which I heard was pretty good!Till next week.  And if you're too inpatient, Mission...

Weekly One Up – November 20, 2018 – Farming Simulator 19, Black Friday Deals and More

Good Monday to you all.We're light on big-name releases this week, because, I mean, it's *officially* the holiday season and Black Friday is this very Friday.The most exciting game we could find was Farming Simulator 19. If you'd like to live in the...