Pretty decent week for releases across the board. From Blu-ray to digital, from TV to Academy award winner. Check out what’s hitting home release this week! 

The second chapter in the latest Wizarding World adventure goes home today!  Pick up Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald on all your physical formats today! 

Wondering how this type of movie would have done outside of the superhero fad we have going on? Me too. Mortal Engines may have been too risky of an adventure for those looking to save money in-between Marvel movie viewings. Just saying. Check it out on Blu-ray, 4K and DVD.

Here’s the film that won best picture at the Academy Awards this year. I would like to see Green Book at some point. I think it’s time to get back into watching movies with some substance.

On to the digital releases for this week. Mary Poppins Returns was hailed as not being all that original and while I heard ok things, that was the general consensus. Def missed this one during my multiple viewings of Aquaman.

Vice is a film that I will see as soon as I can. I am always intrigued by Christian Bale’s ability to drop weight for a role. Plus I really want to see this side of the story when it comes to that scumbag and the scumbaggary that ensued when those idiots ran the country. Check it out on digital today!

I heard good and bad things about this show. Anyways, you can own The Last Ship– The Complete Series now on all your various physical medias. Binge the crap out of this show and let me know if it’s worth it. Are there aliens in this?

See you next week! 

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