This weeks releases aren’t much to brag about, but there are a couple of interesting ones.

Some (already on DVD) are getting released first time on Blu-Ray.  This would include Stephen Kings Pet Cemetery, Master of the Universe, and even a couple Van Damme movies (Double Impact, and Cyborg).  Also on this list is Disney’s Cinderella.
Concerning any new blood (pun intended), we’re finally getting Dark Shadows.  Sadly, I haven’t seen this yet…  I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I’m a fan of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton (for the most part), so I’m sure I’ll be giving this one a go.
The most exciting release of the week?  Princess Bride’s 25th Anniversary Edition.  Do I even need to explain how awesome this movie is?
Oh yeah, and one more thing.  Not a “movie”, but still worth mentioning…  Resident Evil 6 gets released this Tuesday!!!