Towelites! The time has come to announce the THREE winners of our “AMAZING” contest in which we teamed up with Diamond Select Toys to give away The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on DVD and some AMS2 MiniMates!!

DST AMS2 congrats

So without further adieu here are the lucky individuals!

Grand Prize Winner

My favorite Spider-Man villain will always be the Green Goblin. *SPOILER ALERT* The first time I read “The Amazing Spider-Man #121” I was so heart broken over the death of Gwen Stacy. When I finally saw the new movie I knew it was coming. I cried so much seeing Peter sobbing over Gwen’s lifeless body. For days after I was so depressed. I remember staring blankly at my coffee cup the next morning in utter disbelief. The Green Goblin will always be my favorite Spider-Man villain because he is the one who brought about one of the most gut-wrenching scenes in all of comics history. @dfatowel @collectdst #dfatowel #dfat #spiderman #greengoblin #gwenstacy #peterparker #theamazingspiderman #comics #deathofgwenstacy #minimates #superhero #marvel

Second Place Winner


Eddie Brock, A.K.A. Venom, has always been both my favorite Spider-Man villain and my favorite character because he’s not a straight-up villain—he’s a Lethal Protector with a thirst for the worst! When he’s not busy trolling Spider-Man, he’s taking justice into his own hands and protecting the “innocents” from those who threaten innocence.

Here’s a photo of my Marvel Select Venom action figure showing my Marvel Select ASM 2 Spider-Man action figure his teeth and claws.

Third Place Winner


My favorite villain is Electro especially in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. The reason is because he was treated so bad that it wasn’t fair. Everyone was so sarcastic with him and when Max became a Super villain everyone feared him. Menken and Dr.Kaftca got a taste of his high voltage power! That’s when they feared him and he became a shocking new character!

Congrats to our winners and thank you to all of you Towelites out there that participated! We couldn’t do this without the support of our readers, so remember YOU ARE THE REAL HEROES! Winners you have 5 days to respond! For those of you who already did, thank you and be on the look out for your package full of goodies!

Look forward to our next big contest that will be coming within the next month or so. It is based around a certain horror franchise celebrating its 35th anniversary this year! So keep it tooned here to DFAT!!

~The DFAT Crew