Another week of Blu-ray and DVD with only television releases, but that’s ok, cause one of those is season 4 of The Walking Dead, and that’s all that really matters.  I always love marathoning through the last season or two before the new one starts, so I can’t wait to pick this up.  I absolutely love this show, and I like how every season has its own pace and feel… gives each season its own unique character.  And if you’re one to like limited edition releases, check out the display statue this one also comes in!

Walking Dead

Other TV releases include season 6 of Sons of Anarchy, season 9 of Criminal Minds, season 2 of Elementary, and season 3 of Revenge (how did that &%[email protected]!! of a show even get more than one season… ugh.)

We actually do have a couple movies, one being some generic looking romcom, Blended, with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.  Yeah… like I said… generic.  But we also get the amazingly reviewed The Normal Heart withMark Ruffalo and Julia Roberts.

Normal Heart

Thats it for the week.