Chris and Casey go through a bevy of geeky news the likes you’ve never heard! Han Solo, John Wick, Brian Michael Bendis and so much more! We ask you to come along on a journey of audio-tastic adventures!

Show Notes:


  • Bendis and Miller teaming up for FOX X-Men film “143”? Rumor is Kitty Pryde
  • Punisher season 2 casting suggests Ennis adaptation. Starts shooting later this month
  • Silver & Black hires Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain Marvel) and Lindsey Beer (Chaos Walking) as writing team. Taking over for Chris Yost, boo.
  • Venom teaser
  • Deadpool trailer
  • Black Panther hits theaters Thursday (tomorrow)


  • Zack Snyder fired from DCEU?
  • Superman Black Suit footage in JL released.
  • Michael Bay to take on the Main Man?!
  • Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker?
  • Batman Ninja release date in May
  • Mezco One:12 Collective ‘Sovereign Knight Batman’
  • Colton Haynes maybe is Nightwing


Star Wars

  • George Lucas “helped” direct a scene for Solo
  • DB Weiss and David Benioff
  • SEVERAL series being developed for streaming service
  • Thrawn comic out today. Adapts Zahn book by Jody Houser
  • Black Series & LEGO SOLO Falcon revealed

Everything Else

  • Kung Fury feature length movie starring Michael Fassbender
  • Goyer drops MOTU director role
  • FOX pushes back both The Predator (Aug-Sept) and Alita: Battle Angel (July-December)
  • Willy Wonka reboot by Paddington director Paul King
  • Spyro trilogy remaster? 20th Anniversary. (Skylanders)
  • Call of duty movie from sicario 2 director for activision studios
  • John Wick One:12

Pursuit of Plastic

  • Marvel Legends OVERLOAD in 2018. 7+ waves and exclusives (i.e. Thanos repaint).
    • In response to the collector market (i.e. Mezco, Bandai)? More bang for your buck.
    • The figures are getting BETTER (even Star Wars) now that they are using face capture tech.
    • Is this a good thing?
  • Toy Fair: 2/17-2/20

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