Chris and Casey discuss a bevy of geekly news including Star Wars, Mega Man, Ridley Scott’s obsession with Androids, and that whole Disney/Fox Merger thing.

Show Notes

Everything Else

  • Tarantino and JJ Abrams Star Trek
  • Sabrina 2 season order on Netflix
  • Ridley Scott says future alien movies will focus on androids
  • Mega Man 11 due in 2018
  • Monster World Beta on Dec. 9

Star Wars

  • New trilogy will “not be KOTOR” says Rian Johnson
  • Daisy Ridley comments on past Ep. 9
  • 1 week until TLJ. What will the “fan event” get that others won’t.. Solo footage?


  • Black Lightning trailer – Show start 1/16/18
  • First look at robin/nightwing in Titans
  • Could Bennett’s Deathstroke show up on Titans?
  • JL scrapped opening theme, Darkseid, Hawkman, John Stewart and WW/Batman’s baby
  • Iris to be recast for Flash movie? Kiersey Clemons out?
  • Batman Ninja trailer



  • Agent Venom movie – BTS photo reveals Hardy in military duds
  • Iron Fist season 2 adds Alice Eve
  • Ming Na Wen accidentally tells of Inhumans cancellation
  • Wolverine The Long Night podcast
  • Fox and Disney deal said to be closing. Disney to buy “assets”
    • Will we see fox characters in the infinity war 2
    • Kevin Feige said there are 20 movies more planned past Infinity War
    • Reed Richards takes over Avengers Tower for the Baxter Building?


  • Bandai SHF Ep. 8 Luke


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