This week’s episode of Defiance was an emotional rollercoaster! Last week Amanda’s sister Kenya returned after being gone for near a year. Suspected dead by everyone except Amanda, Kenya’s return was well welcomed and heartfelt. Or is it?

Defiance - Season 2As viewers we knew what the real story behind her disappearance was, we know about her secret relationship with Stahma. So did Stahma not truly kill Kenya. Well we found out the truth this week! We also find out why the Mayor and Doc implanted Amanda with that Ego implant.

Remember last week when Kenya was being held by Voltan Collective agents, and the housing she was being held at. Well it turns out that it was an Earth Republic laboratory and that she was part of some sort of experiment. But let’s back up a little, because to get the full spectrum of what happened in this episode we have to cover a few things first.

The beginning of the episode is pretty amazing and surreal. The use of the 4 Non Blondes song “What’s Going On” is both very appropriate for the situation and an eerie way to set the tone. Kenya is suffering from memory loss, but she does remember some things. Stahma of course freaks out when Amanda and Kenya show up at the NeedWant, but when Kenya sees her she smiles. They later meet up, and Kenya has vague memories of her but does remember that they had some sort of intimacy between them. The same goes for Nolan, who if you remember, was also romantically involved with Kenya. This Rosewater sure does get around!

Defiance painted from memory 03So after all the feel-good times and reuniting, things start to get a little strange. Nolan starts to notice a pattern of Kenya’s memories, some are there some are not. The Mayor has returned to Defiance and of course is up to no good, but what happens next is pretty downright dirty!

Stahma is VERY distraught about the whole situation, so she enlists Datak to help her dig up the grave that she buried Kenya in. They discover her remains, and the question now is: Who is this impostor?! Stahma goes to Amanda immedietely and tells her that she has “heard” through her connections that Kenya is an impostor. Of course Amanda, who is cloud nine, does not believe her. Well that’s until Nolan comes to her with the same news! Before this Kenya had tried to have sex with Nolan, but he noticed that her scars from her ex-husband had disappeared!

Defiance painted from memory 02So what the heck is going on? Well the Mayor and Doc are up to no good, well mostly the Mayor. In an attempt to drive Amanda to him, the Mayor implanted the EGO device to take Amanda’s memories, then had Doc implant them into a Indogene who had been captured as a spy! Doc then turned her into a replicant of Kenya and implanted Amanda’s memories into the being. This explains why Kenya could only remember certain memories but not others! In the end things DO NOT work out, I was hoping that it would be revealed this week that the Mayor was involved but fake Kenya didn’t say anything. She just up and left Defiance. Amanda finally comes to terms that her sister is truly dead. Doc is blamed for everything and she has to go into hiding in the mines, courtesy of her good friend Datak and Rafe.

We also find out who the Voltan Collective agent who was holding fake Kenya hostage last week is, it’s Rafe’s son Quentin! Irisa and the resurrection gang are preparing for something! Things are heating up fast in Definace as we head towards the season finale!

Next week WE GET TWO EPISODES BACK TO BACK!!!! Episodes 10 & 11!!!!

Defiance airs Thursday at 8pmEST on SYFY!



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