Just the other day I made a comment to a fellow nerd about how I thought it was interesting that after so many years, and without hardly any new movies or TV shows, how He-Man continues to be prevalent in geek culture. Recently we have heard rumblings of a new He-Man movie being developed under the shitful eye of David Goyer which we here at DFAT couldn’t be more disappointed about.

Good news seems to reign supreme because it has been announced that we will see a She-Ra: Princess of Power revival series on Netflix in 2018. The show is being developed by Lumberjanes writer Noelle Stevenson and is being described as “modern take” on the classic icon. No other details were available so keep it tooned to DFAT for updates as they come.

I think that this a great move and I hope that it motivates someone worthy to take He-Man by the reins and give us either another TV show or a GOOD movie. BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!!