Toy Fair 2018 has come and gone. Unfortunately this year DFAT was not able to attend the big show but we were there in spirit. Casey and I jumped on the airways and recorded two podcasts (Episode 1 here; Episode 2 here) and covered highlights from some of our favorite companies and some new up and comers. There were a lot of great reveals and all companies came with their A-game when it came to presentation. Here are my top five favorite announcements/reveals from this year’s  NY Toy Fair.

5. Hasbro crowdfunding Jabba’s Sail Barge – Color me impressed. The return of the Vintage Collection and now this? Balls to the wall. The sheer size of this thing is enough for me to consider jumping on board but then I thought about the storage unit that would be required I decided against it. Awesome for those of you that are helping to crowdfund this and I would love to see it reach its goal. If you are interested in what it’s all about, head on over to the HasLab official page.

4. Super 7 and Funko to launch 5.5 Classic MOTU/Savage World lines – One of the most iconically shaped action figures ever, the vintage Masters of the Universe 5.5″ figures were a staple of my childhood. Well two companies will be making new figures in that scale, the first being Super7 who of course are taking full advantage of their MOTU license. These are super brightly painted figures and they look downright amazing. The second company is Funko, of course. Funko is a licensing genius and they are a monster on the toy market these days. Funko showed off the continuation of their Savage World line (which began with Mortal Kombat) with new lines featuring Conan, horror icons and THUNDERCATS, ho. Now you can have a proper, IN SCALE, crossover with your favorite heroic felines and Masters.

3. DST Real Ghostbusters Select – The Real Ghostbusters was a line that ate a hole in our parents’ wallets. The cartoon was a lot of fun and gave Kenner plenty of ghosts and monsters to make toys of. Diamond Select Toys has mastered the Ghostbusters action figure line with their Ghostbusters Selects. The latest series throws it back to the classic cartoon and we are getting the brothers four in cartoon form! These look amazing and will find their way to my toy shelf.

2. NECA Kenner Aliens series 13 – We finally get our Apone. Well those of us who collect the Kenner Aliens homage figures. Strangely we are getting the Kenner version before the regular but I won’t complain. Series 13 also features two Aliens that I loved as a kid, the snake and scorpion. This set will not be part of Club Alien as it is wrapping up with the purple Kenner Xeno that was also on display. It would be interesting if NECA finished the Kenner line before the movie-verse.

1. Mezco One:12 Collective – Pretty much in love with this toy line. It does so many things very well that I can forgive the things that it does not. My highlights are Jon Stewart and Blade, these are easy day one preorders. I am a little on the fence about the Cyclops and a few others so we will see what Mezco announces as variant figures. I also got answers on some pending issues like Ghostbusters and Darkseid which is exciting, until we see that price tag. I kid. Can’t wait, very excited for these and ALL of the great collectibles shown off at this year’s big show.