Amazing week for blu-ray releases.  We can start with some of the shows, which include Into The Badlands season 2, Fear The walking Dead season 3 and the one I’m really excited to watch (as I’ve heard great things on this, and haven’t had a chance to get it).

But what’s really getting me excited is the movies this week… Disaster Artist comes out, and I’m one of the ones who’s seen The Room (and the glorious failure it is), so definitely on my todo list.  I, Tonya comes out, and that looks great.  Justice League is the big one, and being I haven’t seen it, I’m picking this up today – though I’m ready to accept the disappointment this will probable bring.  Hate me all you want, but when Marvel can blow as away with second tier characters like Black Panther, yet DC puts their trinity together and still seems to fail (along with the rest of their films), so…  Anyway, I am buying it regardless and can’t wait to see it for myself.  That being said, the highlight for the week imo, is The Shaper of Water.  Regardless of the Oscar win, Del Toro has always been awesome to me, and can’t wait to check this one out.

Gonna wrap the week with yet another big release, on the Digital side… Star Wars The Last Jedi comes out!  And as tempted as I am, this is a 4k must own for me, so I’m gonna have to wait it out 2 more weeks.

Let’s see what next week brings,