New Atari VCS™ Tribute Edition Announced

Everything that was once old is new again with the launch of the Atari VCS. The Collector's Edition instantly sold out and left fans clamoring for a replacement. Luckily the good people at Atari have released the Tribute Edition which has the real wood panel that...

Aggelos sets out for adventure on consoles and PC!

You tell me that a new 2D action-RPG is coming out with 16-bit graphics and chip-tune music and I'm there. Aggelos is a new game from PQube, LookAtMyGame and developer Wonderboy Bobi that plans on throwing you into a world filled with nostalgia like retro adventures...

DFAT Reviews: Milanoir

Ohhhhhhh Milanoir from Good Shepherd Entertainment and Italo Games. The game that almost made me break my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller numerous times. I really wanted to enjoy my journey through the title but the more I played the more frustrating the...

Life Finds a Way in Jurassic World Evolution trailer!

If you're like me, you played a lot of the Jurassic Park simulator on your mobile device. It let you use amber to unlock new dinosaurs for different parts of the park. It was a ton of fun. Enter Jurassic World Evolution. It's taking that park sim...

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