Rage was one of those games that was super fun to play and when you asked your friends if they played it, they just blinked at you. It seems like a very small amount of people care about a sequel, yet Bethesda is making a Rage 2…and it looks awesome! I can’t wait to get back into the wild post-apocalyptic hellscape. Check out the first trailer below.

Rage 2 is due out Spring 2019. Stay tuned on Sunday June 10th for Bethesda’s E3 conference to learn more.


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Weekend Roundup 8/10/18-8/12/18: The Beg takes a bite out of the Box Office!

The Meg is a movie about a giant shark that eats a lot of people in the ocean. Like the sea monster, the film was able to take a huge bite out of the Box Office and come in at the #1 spot with $44.5 million. The Jason Statham-led film was not guaranteed a win when it...

New TV Spot for The Predator shows off more action of humans that likely not make it out alive!

The more I see from The Predator, the more I'm like "I can't freaking wait!" Shane Black directed, Fred Dekker written, Black & Dekker are back baby! The latest bit of footage below focuses more on all of the humans that'll likely die in the film....

Rumor Mill: Idris Elba being considered as the next James Bond

Elba. Idris Elba. The name has been going around since the end of Skyfall when Daniel Craig said that he was done playing 007. Then he came back for Spectre and "retired" again. Now we have the next Bond film coming out, directed by Danny Boyle, and the rumor mill is...