Let them not be the driving force behind the launch of PlayStation 5

Piracy on modern consoles in 2018 is a small margin, but it is not true that it does not exist at all. And when it comes to information about how well hackers are going to run backups  (yes, with full irony), all the more I hope that work on PlayStation 5  is coming to an end and this year Sony will announce new equipment, which will soon appear on the market. Know the other game rumors of PS4 here.

Pirate games on PS4? There are more of them and the hacker scene is doing better and better

Modifying the console is a bit of a game of cat and mouse. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that people who devote hundreds of hours to this issue in their lives are not really about to launch this pirate game – because with their skills and knowledge, at that time they made a solid package. Probably it is about the pure pleasure of breaking security, looking for holes and clever use. We read for the first time that PS4 security was broken in 2016. But 2017 was fruitful in this matter. We wrote about the fact that pirate GTA V was launched on PS4, and apparently, the last weeks are even more achievements in this matter. Hackers manage to run games on ever newer software (although we are still talking about versions 4.x, there is nothing to cheat that all the rest is only a matter of time), and apparently if someone knows where to look, then … there is no shortage of games. The question is only for whom these solutions, since even so. casual do not play on such a console in  FIFA 18 or other sports, which they mainly spend time online?

At the moment, piracy on PlayStation 4 is probably a percentage that Sony does not specifically take into account. However, we have seen many times that the drop is drilling a rock – and they cannot underestimate this. And it’s not without reason that our consoles get updates so often with improved stability and from the user’s point of view – invisible changes. The specialists there constantly patch holes and do their best so that neither the latest versions of the software could run pirated games, nor any other software that is not certified.

In the long run, it will probably be a fight against windmills, but at the moment – it seems to be quite effective. After all, the division of this generation into ordinary and pro devices gives them a little more scope to show off and arguments that the equipment will remain their main platform for at least another several months. It would be stupid for it to be hurriedly pushed to the market by (piracy)  PlayStation 5, but if we were to see the announcements for next year – I would not cry. I don’t know, maybe I will over interpret or the last announcement of changes to the PlayStation Plus service (about the lack of games for PS3 and Vita from March 2019) gives a lot of hope that they will be replaced by something new – and not just a larger package of games for PS4. Maybe I’m naive, but I hope that the next generation will go a little bit into the future and the PC will have to catch up again …

In the past, we have already seen how piracy has swept even the best equipment from the market (or, at best, it made life so difficult). No one will receive the success of PlayStation 4, and since this fall it will be the fifth birthday of the equipment – I think that you can easily move on. However, this does not mean that the equipment will die from day to day – and it will be supported long after the premiere of the successor, so it would be nice if nobody would break it …