You’ve survived Christmas and you’re finalizing your New Year’s Eve plans. Fortunately for you, there’s not too much to tempt you this week as most of the studios are closed.

Beatsplosion for Kinect is out for the Xbox ONE.

Brunswick Pro Bowling is out on the Wii U if you’re not about actual bowling alleys.

And if you’re on PC, Kill the Plumber is out on New Year’s Day. I don’t recommend killing an actual plumber as they provide necessary services to humankind. This game is the revenge ballad for all of Mario’s enemies without being an actual licensed Nintendo game.

And literally, that’s it. We’ll be back after the New Year and anticipating all the good things that will come with it.


  • Kill the Plumber

Wii U:

  • Brunswick Pro Bowling

Xbox ONE:

  • Beatsplosion for Kinect