What was once Low Budget Pictures changed to Warlock Home Video and now Chris Seaver and Friends are moving to a new era of content creation with the Warlock Home Video Network. Also known as Warlock HVN on Social Media, the all-new YouTube channel will feature three shows that are sure to itch any geeky scratch.

Gourmet Scum Radio: The podcast that you already know and love is going to the hub in video form. Don’t worry, the podcast will still be there, but you can also see The Scumdogs in streaming HD on a bi-weekly basis hosted by Chris Seaver and Casey Bowker.

Gory Days: Chris Tanski, Carrie Ward, Chris Seaver will be exploring the Past, Present, and FUTURE of all-things Horror related. This will be devoted to the movies, toys, directors, actors and much more within the genre of the macabre.

It Crept From the 80s: If you’re a fan of the greatest decade of all-time, then you better tune in to this ALL 1980’s show! Chris Seaver, Chris Tanski, and Carrie Ward talk the music, fashion, movies, toys, and so much more!

Below, you can see Chris Seaver and Casey Bowker talk about the Network and what they have planned for the April 2018 launch date. Stay Tooned fore more updates as they come in!

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