Apocalypse Marvel Comics Trading CardWho do you choose from a stable of  mythological beings on Par with the Thanos bomb Marvel Studios dropped with Avengers? I would imagine that DOFP and The Wolverine won’t be the last mutant movies we see from Fox, nor should we expect them to be. People are speculating over a recent interview Bryan Singer had with Bleeding Cool, speculating with talks of Apocalypse. And why shouldn’t they?? Mark Millar‘s appointment to “oversee” these flicks is clearly only a hint at things to come! Will Peter Dinklage‘s addition to the cast bring “bigger” plot points? The future is unclear, and the X-Men are there to clean up the mess! Head on over to the interview and decide for yourself! I could see Dinklage’s face atop a CGI’d Apocalypse body! Can’t you?!

The movie is about destiny. What is your fate? What were you supposed to do, what should you have done when you were younger? What didn’t you do that would have made for a better future? And what if you could go back and change that.

The ENORMOUS cast, where does Magneto sit this time around? 

Via: Digital Spy



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