Casey Bowker LegoMy name is Casey Bowker and I am one of the Co-Editors in Chief for the geekly website, Don’t Forget a Towel dot com. During my life I have seen many-a-wonders and experienced many things the likes you’ve only dared dream about. I made this blog to show the geekier side o’ life.  I will talk about movies, music, comics, toys, and my travels around this great big globe known as Earth-Prime. I implore you, my dutiful reader, to share your own journeys and maybe one day we can high-five in real life. So, journey with me fellow Towelites, towels in hand, and adventure in your soul.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Geek and Co-Editor in Chief,

~Casey Bowker

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Towelites! My name is Chris Walk and I am the other Co-Editor in Chief along with my best friend Casey Bowker. We run the great Geekly venture you see before you, known as Don’t Forget a Towel dot com! For the past five years together we have grown this entity from blog, to a full fledged editorial website, and beyond. Along the way I have met some pretty cool people, that I can now call friends and share this Geekly journey through life with!

Personally, I am into collecting action figures, reading comic books, playing video games, fishing, hiking, camping, & golfing. One of my favorite aspects of running is getting to attend events like NYCC and ToyFair, where we have been making connections in the industries and meeting some awesome people! We have a lot of great things planned for DFAT in the coming year, so please join us as we continue to bring you the interviews, reviews, news, and more that YOU, our faithful Towelites, want to read about and maybe along the way learn something! As always, Stay Tooned!

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Hello all, Mozeus here.  It’s been over 12 years since college; 12 years since Chaz and I studied film together; in fact, 12 years since I’ve actually seen and hung out with Chaz.  And yet films, music, games, and everything geeky has kept us in touch.  And here I am, excited and happy to actually be able to contribute to this fun and informative site!  (thanks Chaz)

About me?  I love stories… in books, movies or games, I’m there.  I’m more a fan of the gritty and dramatic (ie, I would pick Darren Aronofsky over Michael Bay), but whether something is my taste/style or not, I will always give credit where credit is due.  I have to admit, my tastes are very particular, but this is something you’ll come to see through my own articles here.  So, it begins… Let’s see where this goes!




Cherimonster lives in Garden City, MI where she is an amazing mother of two boys, 1 annoying dog and 2 cats, and has been married to her totally awesome husband for five years. By day she is an assistant warehouse manager. By night she fights crime with her mind because she is telepathic and too lazy to get off her couch. Her interests include TV shows, like, but not limited to Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Glee, Degrassi (every generation because they all ROCK), The Walking Dead and Shameless. She also reads books written by the amazing Neil Gaiman, George RR Martin, Terry Pratchett, Lish McBride, Charlaine Harris and Robert McCammon.

When asked to contribute to this page by her long time pen pal Chaz, she thought, is the world ready for this? Then she decided, screw the world!!! She will be contributing whatever is asked of her and also what she feels the world of the Towelites need to know.




The Myrrick is most often found terrorizing Steam and consuming deceptively difficult indie games, activating cheat codes in RPGs and screaming at Origin. Sometimes she blogs about her adventures and occasionally stream-bombs her friends at

While she has a degree in journalism, she spends more time punching reporters than being one. She can go on and on and on about anything nerdy and is always looking for something new and awesome.

~The Myrrick 




Hello Towelites, My name is TheTruthSayer.  I was introduced to DFAT by my friend, Cynicnerd, several years ago.  I love truthsayer pictureeverything geeky.  I’m a trekker, a comic book collector, and a lover of everything science fiction, fantasy, and cartoons.  I was raised watching Saturday morning cartoons.  Shows like Transformers, G.I Joe, Voltron, and Thundercats.  They gave an escape from the real world and I never left.  Even though I work full time at an insurance company, I escape into my world filled with monsters, time travel, space travel, andcartoons, WALKING DEAD (that’s right I am a Dead Head and proud of it).  I am also a Whovian, and a Jedi Knight.  DFAT gave me the opportunity to express my views on the upcoming movies, the hottest tv shows, and everything in the comic universe.  I never had anyone to talk to about my passion until I found DFAT and Cynicnerd.  I’m neither a rocket scientist nor a brilliant mathematician, but what I am is a kid at heart with a limitless sponge trying to soak up everything that will broaden my knowledge.  So all you Towelites, follow me and join me on a wild ride to undiscovered wonders and fantastic stories.



gutz bio imageMy name is Oberon, but my friends and family call me Obie. I am 29 years old. I joined the Marine Corps at 18 right after high school, and after my training at Parris Island, I went to MOS school in Mississippi and then to Arlington Virginia to work at the Headquarters of Marine Corps Aviation at the Pentagon. After four years there and many very interesting stories I decided to move back home to get married and start a family. My wife and I bought a house almost a year ago and are expecting our first child this year. I started college while in Virginia and finished my first degree in Business in 2009 and decided to go back to school and I am now finishing my bachelors in Psychology. I also was able to publish a book of all the poetry I wrote from age 12 to 18 about a year ago. It is called “When it rains…” and you can buy it HERE. My Hobbies currently include working out, wood working, and maintaining my house and playing with my dog Bruce Wayne and cat Harley Quinn.

~Oberon Sexton


My name is LastUrsa and I consider myself to be a 21st Century Bard. When I’m not busy playing every JRPG I can find or watching aLast Ursajpgny and all Mech Anime available I’m working in technical support. I have two degrees in music education and I am equally inspired by music of all styles.

I am here to write about video games, but may also look to dabble in a bit of my travels with anime and with table top role playing. I’m thankful for Chaz for turning me on to this blog and look forward to sharing my adventures with all of you!

You can find me on the twitters at @LastUrsa or on my blog entitled “Harmonious Geek” (Link –



Tim McDonald

My name is Tim McDonald (InfinityLantern) and I am a Level 6 nerd/spaz. My friends would describe me as having an obscene amount of comic book knowledge, a penchant for fast food, and an appreciation of all forms of entertainment. I have been a comic fan since I was about 7 or 8. My nerd creds include playing many different RPG tabletop games, participating in Tekken tournaments when arcades were a thing and one of the first things I ever read was a Star Trek TOS fan script that my mother wrote.


Twitter: InfinityLantern

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The mystery surrounding this native of Richmond, Va is about as transparent as a piece of cellophane. He is a comic enthusiast who spends far too much money every week on his addiction. The Clotch profile picHe is absolutely no fun to go to movies with because his time spent studying film has taught him to over analyze every single aspect of both the technical and story-telling sides of cinema. He enjoys almost all kinds of music from Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada to The Smiths and David Bowie. He considers himself as something of a writer, having written an avalanche worth of short scripts, short stories, poems and his very first comic book. He maintains the idea that you can tell a great deal about a person by the things that they carry with them at any given point in the day. He also thinks that repetition is an effective, yet absolutely annoying way to write a description about himself. He likes to think humility is a good trait, but likes to spread it a bit thick, don’t you think? To some he is Clay Parrish, but to a confused and mildly uncomfortable few, he is The Clotch!