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My name is Casey Bowker and I am the founder and Co-Editor in Chief for the geekly website, Don’t Forget a Towel dot com. During my life I have seen many-a-wonders and experienced many things the likes you’ve only dared dream about. I made this blog to show the geekier side o’ life.  I will talk about movies, music, comics, toys, and my travels around this great big globe known as Earth-Prime. I implore you, my dutiful reader, to share your own journeys and maybe one day we can high-five in real life. So, journey with me fellow Towelites, towels in hand, and adventure in your soul. 

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Towelites! My name is Chris and I am the other Co-Editor in Chief here at DFAT. The great Geekly venture you see before you is known as Don’t Forget a Towel dot com! For nearly a decade we have had a great time building this website and more. From it we have spawned a Podcast Network featuring a slew of great shows! One of my favorite things about being a part of is getting to attend events like NYCC and ToyFair, where we have been making connections in the industry and meeting some awesome people! 

Personally, I’m into collecting action figures, reading comic books, playing video games, fishing, hiking, camping & golfing. 

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