It’s been AGES since we put out a Pursuit of Plastic episode and we’re super excited to showcase the amazing Mezco One:12 Collective Action Figures for this one. Chris and Casey go through a bit of Mezco’s history and then dive into this exciting line of action figures. Hope you enjoy!

Show Notes

Mezco history and product rundown

  • From the ashes of Aztech Toys, Mezco took over in 2000
  • Aztech had only made Silent Screamers
    • Golem
    • Dr Caligari
    • Metropolis
    • Dr Jeckle
    • Frankenstein

One:12 Collective introduction

  • 40+ figures
  • Started with Judge Dredd and Lawmaster Bike, TDKR, and Mutant Leader.
  • Our experience with ordering initially.


One:12 Collective

  • Upcoming figures
  • Current preorders
  • Variants
  • Praise & Complaints (online)


  • Top favorite 3?
  • Most anticipated?
  • Who (franchise/license) should they make next? Refer to DFAT Toy Chest article.
    • Watchmen
    • Lord of the rings
    • Mortal kombat?
    • Star wars
    • Valiant
    • Millarworld (neca does kick-ass)
    • Battle of the planets
    • venom


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