Hey Towelites! Another week of toy and collectible news to get around to! Sorry I missed last week but I’m sure you enjoyed my unboxing instead. Well guess what?! This week you get news and an unboxing! That’s right I am feeling super ambitious!! Anywho check out my roundup of the things you NEED to be preordering for your collection!

Interestingly enough the Mezco Netflix Punisher is coming out before the Daredevil figure. The figure was put up for preorder yesterday, luckily I’m not picking this one up as I already have enough preorders on tap for other One:12 Collective‘s. Punisher is packed with a decent amount of accessories, including a great looking Jon Bernthal alternate head. This really has become the Mezco standard along with a decent amount of extra hands for most figures, and it is much appreciated. You can preorder Netflix Punisher over at Mezco, Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth!



Barbara Holland fans rejoice! The uber-popular Stranger Things character who met a dark end in season one but has somehow managed to create a cult-like following, is getting an action figure. McFarlane Toys will be adding both the 7″ scale Barb action figure and a life-size, “squeezable” baby Dart to their Stranger Things collection. Head on over to the official McFarlane Toys website for more info!



Hey board game lovers out there! IDW is granting us Batman ‘The Animated Series’ fans a solid with their latest playable venture based on the AMAZING show. The title of the game is “Gotham Under Siege” and will be playable for 1-5 players. If you are in Columbus next month check it out at the Origins Game Fair!



Alrighty kids, we are taking the next step up in the collecting world. Let’s talk about some things that most of us can’t afford, yet someone can because there are SO MANY high-end collectibles these days. These Iron Studios Avengers: Infinity War 1/10th statues that form a sick diorama are no exception. Looks like the price of the Hulk is around $125 so most of the other ones should be cheaper… there are 9 of them, pictured. DON’T LIE TO ME, I KNOW HULK IS NOT IN THAT SCENE!! Sorry had to let that out, look for more news on these bad boys and gals to drop soon.

I love talking about these Sideshow Premium Format Figures. Every week we see something so amazing that we wish we could just drop six hundred bucks on a dime and put these in our living rooms, well that’s my fantasy at least. This week we got a sneak peek at Poison Ivy and I think that this article has officially become NSFW. Preorder her over at Sideshow.

Well that’s it for this week Towelites! Check out my recent unboxings of Mezco’s One:12 Collective Brown Suit Wolverine and Old Man Logan. Happy Hunting!