In a mist of blood, the old warrior stood over his final foe. Vanquished with a wide swing of his blade, the tendons in his neck ruptured in a thin spray of crimson, followed near immediately by the rich waterfall of warm life across his shoulders. The ancient conqueror stood against the fog on the battlefield as a strange sentinel. Red globules of gore hung to his long, matted, white hair. His thick beard only broken by scars which patterned his face. His chest rose heavy, drinking in the thick wet air. He stared at the field before him, a nostalgia for the old days when victory only spurred the night onward, when regret wouldn’t stare back.



Wonder Woman #36 (DC)

James Robinson (W) Carlo Pagulayan (A)

This series is so very meh. It’s not terrible, but I have a really hard time getting anywhere close to excited about it. Nothing new or groundbreaking is happening. It just feels like another trope of a story washing over me. Hopefully that changes.


Detective Comics #970 (DC)

James Tynion IV (W) Raul Fernandez (A)

Can I start by saying, I’m not thrilled that they are treading the same ground with the Victim Syndicate coming back. I love this book, but I feel like there are plenty of other stories you could be telling right now, especially in the face of what just occurred.



Samurai Jack: Quantum Jack #3 (IDW)

Fabian Rangel Jr. (W) Warwick J. Cadwell (A)

I really like this book. I like the nature of each issue, kind of a one shot for every character. It plays to the pulpy kind of writing I love of Rangel’s. Cadwell’s art makes it all pop though. Really worth it to check this series out.


Daredevil #596 (Marvel)

Charles Soule (W) Stefano Landini (A)

I know the whole “villain becomes president/mayor” thing has been done before, but that doesn’t make this story any less great. I love me some Fisk.


Jenny Finn #2 (Dark Horse)

Mike Mignola (W) Troy Nixey (A)

The first issue of this was dark, eerie, and I don’t think I told you to pick it up. Don’t always listen to me. Obviously you should pick your own lists.


She-Hulk #160 (Marvel)

Mariko Tamaki (W) Jahnoy Lindsay (A)

This series is always solid. I really love what they are doing with Jen. It’s new, it’s dark, and it’s phenomenal.


The Punisher #219 (Marvel)

Matt Rosenberg (W) Guiu Vilanova (A)

The first issue was as good as I had hoped it would be. I am excited to see what chaos the glorious mistake of giving Frank a suit of armor will wrought.


Rumble #1 (Image)

John Arcudi (W) David Rubin (A)

I guess this is technically a number one, but it’s a continuation of a series I really loved. James Harren is off doing some book, Seven to Eternity, or something. That’s fine we got David Rubin on art this time, and he’s a much better kisser.


Maestros #3 (Image)

Steve Skroce (W/A)

This book is great. It’s hard to go wrong with a talent like Skroce and I’m happy to say, he hits all the right notes on this book. Super thrilled to see where he takes it.


The Archies #3 (Archie Comics)

Alex Segura/Matt Rosenberg (W) Joe Eisma (A)

This book punched me in the mouth and took my money. Honestly, I’m not even mad about it though. I wanted it to take my money. Maybe that says a lot about me. Maybe I’m still discovering things about myself. Stop discover shaming me. Oh, also, Chvrches is in this issue. So, I mean, that’s pretty cool too.


Mister Miracle #5 (of 12) (DC)

Tom King (W) Mitch Gerads (A)

Come on. Read this fucking book. If you have a heart, read this fucking book. It’s so good and you are a fool if you miss out.


Royal City #8 (Image)

Jeff Lemire (W/A)

Like crying? Have any friends who like crying? Well, I have the book for you!


A wound at his side made his movements labored. He persisted into the grey unknown before him. The fog had only gotten thicker since the battle ended. The warrior felt as if he would never make it through to the other side. It was as if this wall of cloud were the last monument of his years of war. Something he couldn’t rage against. Nature could provide the only fitting end to the dying king, as God were the only being who could best him. The wounded man choked on a laugh as he fell to his knees.