You know the 90s movie or even the more recent version of Beauty and the Beast? The part where Belle and The Beast are dancing and the coffee maker starts singing that song? ‘Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Ben Affleck is not Batman..”

That’s a photo for context. I’d like to imagine Ben is The Beast and Belle is Warner Bros/DC. The internet is the coffee pot singing the song because YET AGAIN we get a rumor that Ben Affleck is out of The Batman. Reason being? Affleck tweeted out that the film is due out the Summer of 2021 and he’s excited to see director Matt Reeves vision come to life. NO WHERE DID HE SAY HE’S NOT DOING IT MIND YOU!

At this point I’d think Affleck would just come out and say it. It’s been years since he donned the cape and publicly he’s seen being a Sadfleck for the press on BVS and Justice League. We all just ASSUME he’s done at this point anyway, so why keeping it under lock any more? Who knows. All I do know is that until he says otherwise, he’s still going to be playing Batman in some capacity. If he’s just there to bookend a film told mostly in flashbacks or something, he’s in that movie. You read it first, here at DFAT. Tell me I’m wrong, or right, in the comments below!

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