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Westworld season 3 trailer flips the switch

To be perfectly honest, I have to finish season 2 and now that GOT is done I will do just that. Prior to the series finale, HBO revealed a trailer for season three of Westworld and revealed that we would be seeing the return of the show in 2020. Check out the trailer...

Reventure Leaves Early Access on Steam on June 4

A 'choose your own adventure' 2D platformer? Sign me the heck up. Reventure is coming to STEAM and it looks like a heck of a fun time. Learn more about it below!Reventure could be described as a "choose your own adventure" book in the shape of a 2D platformer. It...

Valiant First Look: Fallen World #2 (of 5)

Been super excited for this series to drop and I recently had the opportunity to read the first issue along with the FCBD prologue, great stuff. I always love when Valiant explores the future of their universe and Rai is one of my favorite characters. Get ready for...

Towelite Talk Episode #134 – Towelite’s Get Wick-ed

Stepping into The Continental after a night filled with guntata's, motorcycle chases, and equestrian antics, Chris and Casey are ready to relax. Little do they know that a League of Assassins have other plans for them. And they just got their dry cleaning done! Take a...


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