More than 15 years ago, in December 2005, a small video streaming site called YouTube launched, and at the time very few people understood how much the media landscape changed. Very quickly, more than 2 million videos were being uploaded each day, and by the next month, that number had increased to 25 million. 

Now, YouTube is a part of the growing Google (or Alphabet) empire, and every hour of every day around 500 hours of video content is uploaded to the site. The word ‘YouTuber’ has become a profession and a very high-paying one for some. There are now thousands of YouTube millionaires, who have found fame and fortune by streaming on the site, and there are YouTube channels with hundreds of millions of subscribers.

If you want to start watching more YouTube, then this is the guide for you. Here we are going to list ten ‘must-watch’ YouTube channels for you to subscribe to, and some of the ways you can watch YouTube conveniently, wherever you are in the world!

1. Pew Die Pie

The world’s single biggest YouTuber (excluding companies or corporations), Pew Die Pie has the biggest subscriber count of any single YouTuber, so it would be rude not to subscribe to this account!

Pew Die Pie, often just called Pewds, is a Swede named Felix who streams from his home in England and covers internet culture and video games on his semi-regular shows. He is most famous for streaming his ‘Let’s Play’ videos, where he plays and commentates on video games while fans watch and interact.

2. Urban Gardening

Gardening shows have always been popular on television, and this entertaining and informative channel has quickly become one of the biggest gardening channels on YouTube, with its subscriber count still growing. Even if you don’t have a garden, or like gardening yourself, these videos are definitely worth a watch, with some beautiful and clever gardening ideas to suit any space or budget.

3. Timeless Classic Movies

Who needs Netflix when there are channels on YouTube like this one? On this channel, you will find a carefully curated list of some all-time classic movies from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. These movies are uploaded complete in one video, allowing you to watch them uninterrupted, except for a few ads.

Using a Chromecast is a simple way to watch YouTube on just about any television. You can use your phone or laptop to stream content easily – look here to find out how to Chromecast from mac. Setapp makes streaming from Mac and iOS easy and also gives you access to some of the best apps available for iOS across all your Apple devices for a low monthly price. This saves you a lot of money on software, and ensures all your apps are up-to-date!

4. The Lock-Picking Lawyer

This channel may leave you wide-eyed and shocked if you care about security. This anonymous lawyer who lives in Washington D.C. picked up lock picking as a hobby, or perhaps from one of his legal clients, and shows his skills at picking locks you can buy for everything from your home to your bicycle to padlocks. He rates them for their security and design, but the short story is that no lock is safe from a committed thief with the right skills and tools.

5. Techmoan

Do you miss some of the older technology we used to have, particularly audio technology? This man from Northern England certainly does and searches the internet for aged tech products that have been abandoned for decades in warehouses across the world. He specializes in old audio equipment and buys and restores ‘new old stock’ to bring some old tech back to life.

6. Maverick Entertainment

Do you still want more movies? This channel is operated by an independent film distributor and has hundreds of full-length independent films for you to watch. There are movies of every kind available, from comedy to horror to sci-fi. 

They even have an app available for smart TVs and Roku boxes that will allow you to stream the films directly onto your television. You can also get the YouTube app for most smart TVs, opening up all of YouTube for convenient streaming on your home TV.

7. Red Letter Media

This movie review channel is one of the most popular of its kind on the internet and is a great way to discover new films that you may not have heard of. Their main show, Half in the Bag, is a clever mix of an on-going drama and movie review show. 

New releases, and some unheard-of classics and independent movies, are reviewed on the show but are bookended by a slowly developing story about an old man who lives alone and is trying to get his VCR repaired by two hapless repairmen. They even make some movies themselves.

8. Food Wishes

This simple and relaxing cooking show is one of YouTube’s oldest and most popular culinary channels. Chef John calmly and coolly talks you through some classic and modern dishes, often with his own takes and shortcuts, and can help anyone become a master of their kitchen.

9. Unbox Therapy

If you want an early look at all the latest technology, especially smartphones, then Unbox Therapy is waiting for your subscription. This show gets its hands on the latest technology before it hits the stores and gives you a fun and fact-filled review of all its features. If you are thinking of upgrading your smartphone, watch some reviews here first.

10. Doug DeMuro

Car shows are one of the most popular types of programming anywhere in the world, and on YouTube, Doug DeMuro is probably the number one show. With no frills or fancy graphics, Doug’s show gives car lovers what they want from a car show; the car. Doug gets to the details that matter and gives viewers a thorough tour of a vehicle’s quirks and features before taking it out on the road and giving you an idea of how it drives. He will drive pretty much any kind of car too, from a 1980s Yugo to the latest Bugatti. 

Just a few of these great YouTube channels can keep you entertained for hours. With so much free content available on YouTube, and so many fantastic channels and YouTubers, it is easy to see why so many people are cutting the cable box cord and switching to online streaming services like YouTube.