Capes, masks and colored tights. Let’s all just admit that people who dress like comic book characters can sometimes go over the top. It’s time someone honored the greats with style and subtlety. From Spiderman to Captain Haddock, here are the top 11 ways you can add aspects of your favorite comic book character to your everyday wardrobe.

1. Dick Tracy

Chester Gould’s masterpiece was aggressive, angular and way ahead of its time. Channel Dick Tracy himself with a high-tech smartwatch of your own. For example, you can use the Samsung Gear S2 to answer voice calls just like Tracy did; plus it looks fancy.

2. Clark Kent

The suave and sophisticated look of Superman going incognito as a journalist is pretty irresistible (and much more comfortable than the actual superhero costume). Imitate Clark Kent’s style a la “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” with glasses that have large, black rectangular frames. Check out Ray Ban RX5184 New Wayfarer or Chiara Vision UCV1007.

3. Peter Parker

If Spiderman is more your style, opt for trendy square glasses similar to those that Andrew Garfield wore as Peter Parker in the latest “The Amazing Spiderman” movie. Try POLO Ralph Lauren – PH2053 or Ray-Ban – RX5228.

4. Agent 355

One of the strongest female comic book characters of all time, Agent 355 is definitely worthy of imitation. Mimic her understated style with killer jeans and a black, sleeveless top or a white turtleneck and black jacket.

5. Captain Haddock

Love a good whiskey and biting sarcasm? Capture the sardonic and loyal character of Captain Haddock with a roll-neck pullover. The captain’s hat and permanent scowl are optional, of course.

6. Jesse Custer

The subversive anti-hero Jesse Custer from “Preacher” is always cool. You might not have Custer’s divine power to command people with your voice, but you can command them with your excellent style. Try simple silhouettes, like black jeans paired with black shirt, belt and black jacket.

7. John Constantine

Named third best comic-book character of all time by, John Constantine is the snarky, streetwise and complex protagonist of “Hellblazer.” Give a nod to the confident and manipulative Constantine with a blond dye job and a good trench coat.

8. Rogue

Rogue is arguably one of the most powerful X-Men characters. Imbued with an ability to absorb the power of others, Rogue’s destiny is tragic in its isolation and still hopeful for its possibilities. Channel her ambiguity and fearlessness with a white streak through the front of your hair.

9. Rick Grimes

The sheriff from “The Walking Dead” deserves some accolades for facing the zombie apocalypse with moral strength and determination. also credits his character with helping to inspire the TV show. Dress like him in Levi’s 511 jeans (black), a khaki western shirt and a sherpa-lined jacket.

10. Jenny Sparks

A tough character with a lot of history (try the entire 20th century) and absolute control of electricity, Jenny Sparks from “Stormwatch” is a great character to imitate. Try an informal combo like her trademark Union Jack t-shirt, loose pants and hiking boots.

11. Deena Pilgrim

The skilled, impulsive, midriff-baring homicide detective Deena Pilgrim is cool enough to pull off a pixie haircut while kicking butt with martial arts, so she’s cool enough for you. Incorporate her edginess into your wardrobe with a belly shirt, tight jeans and two earrings at the backs of both of your ears.