I don’t remember much of Terry Gilliam‘s film, 12 Monkeys. I remember it had Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt’s weird eye, and I remember not really knowing what the hell was going on in it. I guess Syfy thought that the movie was worth turning into a weekly series and now we have some casting news.

amanda scull sexy white background

Aaron Stanford, Pyro from X-Men: The Last Stand fame is joining the cast as Cole, a desperate and haunted man from the near future who travels to the present day to stop the deadly plague from being released upon the world. Along for the apocalyptic ride will be Amanda Schull. She will be a doctor whose forced to choose between her perfect life and uncovering Cole’s conspiracy.

Natalie Chaidez will be the show runner, while Jeffrey Reiner is serving as director and executive producer. I’ll check it out, but keep my expectations low. Production on the show starts sometime this month. We’ll keep you posted as more news comes to DFAT!