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the Wolverine hugh jackman

When he’s not saving orphans and singing Hugh Jackman is in Japan fighting The Hand ninjas! Above is the latest still from the upcoming The Wolverine, directed by James Mangold.

Mark Millar is on the case! The master of Marvel story writing had this to say in regards to if he thought Wolverine is being overused in the movies:

“You don’t want to have him out there all the time, because I think if you’ve got him in X-Men and Wolverine movies and they’re all running at the same time, it’s a little bit too much, but as long as you’re smart with it and there’s a lot of other characters to explore as well. The X-Men universe is about the same size as the Marvel universe in terms of the number of titles it sustains at any one time, so there’s a ton of stuff to play with there and a lot of characters I’d like to explore there too.” In regards to team Wolverine vs “lone-wolf” Wolverine: “You know, I wrote the Wolverine comic twice – I did the Old Man Logan story and Wolverine: Enemy Of The State – and I don’t think it detracts having individual Wolverine adventures from the X-Men. He’s like a lone wolf character, he disappears and does his own thing sometimes and then he comes back and hangs out at the mansion, so it does feel quite natural to for him to be in these movies,”



X-Men fans are pumped to the see the adaptation of the mutant dystopian epic Days of Future Past, Here’s what Mark Millar had to say in an interview with Sci-Fi Now:

“It’s incredibly exciting. Even just as a fan. The first X-Men really launched the wave of superhero movies we’ve been loving for the past decade after some horrific stuff in the Nineties so having him back in the world he started just feels right. X2, I think, is one of the greatest superhero movies ever made. The idea of this guy [Singer] being back in the fold and planning something as ambitious as this picture can only be good news.”

In regards to the team responsible for bringing the story to life:

“I think as long as it’s done right. I know how it’s done, so I’m not worried. I’ve been in all these meetings and talked about it at length with everyone, and everything I hear sounds incredibly mainstream. It’s no more difficult than The Terminator, or whatever, there’s one element of time jump in it, but other than that it’s absolutely fine. It’s hard for me to say without actually spoiling the movie, but [producer Matthew] Vaughn – the guy who made the $28 million Kick-Ass look like a $78 million movie, you know? – I completely trust him when it comes to stuff like that – he knows exactly what he’s doing, and Simon Kinberg [X-Men: The Last Stand, Sherlock Holmes writer] has actually done a phenomenal job on the screenplay with him so it’s worked out really well.”

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