Storm returns!

The latest casting news comes from Haley Berry, who many thought would not want to return to the role of Storm has announced her return to the role! In a recent interview Berry had this to say about her return to mutantdom:

storm halle berry

“Yeah. I’m excited too. The fans really love Storm, and so I’m really happy that it’s worked out that way. No matter what my part will be or won’t be, to be a part of that is always a good thing. I love it.”

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Because don’t you ever forget what happens to a toad when its struck by lightning….

Omar Sy joins the fray!


omar sy

Omar Sy (The Intouchables) has joined the cast of X-Men: DOFP. No details on who he will be portraying as of yet, but nerds are hoping Bishop. To which I said “go eff yourselves”. If I get Bishop in a X-Men movie before Cable, there’ll be hell to pay.

 Bryan Singer  @BryanSinger

Thrilled to welcome the brilliant #OmarSy from the amazing film #TheIntouchables to the cast of #Xmen#DaysofFuturePast!


Jennifer Lawrence and her beautiful body….suit

jennifer lawrence Mystique

Its not that she doesn’t want to shed her clothes and be painted completely naked, but Jennifer Lawrence, who plays “young” Mystique in the current X-Men films, will have to wear a full body suit when taking on all that blue make-up due to an allergy to the paint. Apperently the first time around she suffered some averse effects to the method so when the recent Oscar winner will reprises her role as the shape-shifting mutant in DOFP, she may look a little different.

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Chris Claremont speaks!

The classic X-Men writer had the following commentary on his story line and the existence of the X-Men in the comic books! In a recent interview with Newsarama Chris Claremont spoke about a many mutant things!

chris claremontThe Challenge of DOFP

The challenge, the story, is actually what happens in the future. Getting them to the point where you can send Kitty back, and seeing the consequences of what will happen if they fail, and not knowing at the end how it’s going to turn out.

“X-Men” movie franchise and  producer Lauren Shuler Donner:

You can’t not be invested. That’s pretty much most of my working life, dancing around or through the X-Men as a concept. Cliché as it sounds, the concept of the films from my perspective as audience owes so much to Lauren as producer, bringing all this stuff together, finding the right people in terms of making the films, and then just picking the ideal cast.

On X-Men Origins: Wolverine

My argument had always been, before then, and then, that Wolverine was a character that was much more interesting as a mystery. The more you told the less fun you were allowed to have with him.

DOFP to have meaning….

The really nice thing with Future Past is that you actually have a superhero film — much to everyone’s surprise, I will hope — that is about something.It’s about racism, I hope. It’s about resisting oppression. It’s about fighting for freedom and the cost of fighting for freedom. I will be fascinated to see how they weave the two together.





What 10 films influenced James Mangold when he made The Wolverine?

The Wolverine Poster 1. Chungking Express
2. The Outlaw Josey Wales
3. The Samurai Trilogy
4. Floating Weeds
5. Black Narcissus
6. Happy Together
7. 13 Assassins
8. The French Connection
9. Chinatown
10. Shane

Mangold is building quite up quite the buzz around the new mutant movie, recently Mangold posted 10 images from the ten films that influenced his direction on the movie. Are you looking forward to this one Towelites? Do you think we can get the Wolverine: Origins taste of our mouth!

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Stay tooned 😛


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