Dexter 8.7 dress Code

This was one of my favorite episodes of the entire season. I loved the return of Hannah, quite enjoyed Dexter’s tutelage of Zach, and was utterly repulsed by Joey’s choice of clothing. It’s a bit of a weird season because I still don’t know where it’s going to go. It’s going to be very interesting on how it ends. Check out my thoughts on the episode below!

– I fully expected Deb to not have any kidneys when she woke up.

– wipe that makeup off your neck, Dexter

– that fake Ryan Gosling is really cramping Dexters style

– put that ass on lock, I’d move in with Jamie all day

– I feel that Matsukas daughter is a stripper.

– Dexter throws on Zack’s old bar mitzvah jacket to follow Hannah

– I can’t imagine Dexter as being the jealous type

– ok, so she’s not a stripper, but not close off

– I love the name “Breasteraunt”

– how many PIN numbers did Dexter just enter in?

– The Warlock is coming for Dexter, never a good thing

– Hannah’s got long hair, and she don’t care…about her husband

– other than the fact she likes to drug Dexter and his family, I actually like Hannah

– Zach is too much of a loose cannon

– Hannah pulled a real basic instinct on that dude.

– it’s a bit of a shame that Julian Sands didn’t last a full episode of Dexter

– Dexter has no emotion about this girl dying. All from Zach

Next week’s episode seems like it’s shaping up to be another crazy one, check out the preview for ‘Are We There Yet?’