If you haven’t seen 21 Jump Street, you really should take the oppurtunity to do so. It was one of the funniest films of 2012, and you could tell that there would be a sequel based off of how successful it was. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will be returning, as well as Ice Cube as their boss. Filming is only a few months away and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller sat down with Steve Weintraub of Collider to talk about the upcoming sequel.

Why’s it called 22 Jump Street?

“It’s called 22 Jump Street because they move across the street.”

The directors only recently signed on, as they didn’t want to be a part of the sequel until they had a good enough script:

“People don’t wanna see the same movie that they saw the first time, they don’t wanna see something super different from the first movie, and navigating what that is has been challenging.  We didn’t really sign on to this movie until about a month ago because we didn’t feel like we were sure that it would be a good movie, and then finally we got to a point in the script where we were like, ‘Okay, I believe this will be a good movie.’”

They realized that what made the first film work so much, was the relationship between Tatum and Hill:

“What made the movie take off is when we started to really think about, ‘Oh what’s it like [to be in a partnership?]’ especially because we have a lot to say about what it’s like to be in a partnership, and Chris is married and I have a longtime girlfriend so we have two partnerships.  So really making that thing work seemed like a deeper way to go in that it would create a lot of story possibilities and a lot of comedy.”

Lord mentions that this film will focus on the characters maintaining their relationship together:

“It’s more about their marriage, basically.  If the first movie is about two people getting together for the first time, this is about what happens if you try to really make the relationship work.  We’ll probably never do another bromance after this one, but we’re trying to get as emotionally deep into that as possible.”

Check out the Collider page to catch the video interview. 22 Jump Street will be out on June 13th, 2014.