Hey all, and welcome to another week of releases.  This time we have one big in the movie questions, along with two new editions of some old hits, and a truckload of tv shows.

Iron Man 3 hits the shelves today, on all formats including 3D.  As good as this one was, I thought it was the worst of the 3;  fortunately Robert Downey Jr is, as always, the perfect Tony Stark, and pretty much carries the entire movie.

Iron Man 3

Our two old ones are the 3 Batman films in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, in a super trilogy collection The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition.  This cool package includes all the films, bonus content for each, a book on the art and making of the films, a documentary on the Batmobile, Mondo Art cards and 3 “hot wheels” of the Batman vehicles.  I’m not one to re-buy something for it’s new addition, but this collection seems pretty awesome to me.

Dark Knight Trilogy

The other re-release is the 35th Halloween Edition of John Carpenters Halloween.  

TV has a bunch this week.  These include season 4 of Modern Family, season 1 of HannibalFamily Guy’s volume 11, season 3 of Hawaii Five-0, the 16th season of South Park, and lastly the complete 7th series of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who 7

Till next week…