Rob Zombie‘s upcoming horror film is entitled 31, and from what I’m about to tell you about the project, it’s going to be his most ambitious one yet. The film takes place in 1975 and features a group of five friends who are captured five days before Halloween and forced to participate in a survival game in a place called Murder World. This man-made Hell seems to consist of a lot of sadistic clowns, amongst other creepers. Zombie promises this will be his most violent and gory movie to date.

Below, you can see some of the images from the movie via some conceptual art. Looks like we’ll be featuring some pretty horrifying images from Zombie, as per usual. The director recently mentioned in a Reddit AMA that the film will be shot NC-17, and will probably get cut down to an R-rating by the MPAA. He will also shoot a full-length documentary for the film, which he does will all the films, but they don’t often get seen because the studios don’t want to spend the money to put them on as extras.

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You can read more about 31 on the crowdsourcing page, HERE. Make sure to donate to the project, with amazing rewards that include a copy of the script and even an Executive Producer credit!

As more news comes in about 31, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here at DFAT!