5 Stylish Geek Items to Covet in 2014

2014 is here, and tech lovers have every reason to be happy. Incredible gadgets are spreading like measles, and geek style is more and more appreciated in the world of fashion. We know your list of stuff you want this year is already a mile long (and it’s only January!), but here are a few stylish items to add to it. Who knows, maybe a belated Santa is headed your way…
geek items

1. Rebecca Minkoff “Craig” camera case ($130) – Ladies have often complain that there are no good and stylish camera bags out there. Function and style often exclude each other, but that’s not the case with Rebecca Minkoff’s popular handbag. It’s made of smooth leather and it features gold hardware details, it has an adjustable strap and, more importantly, it can accommodate your precious camera. This is a perfect item for street style photographers, for example, who need to look chic while shooting.

2. Helene Michau phone case ($35) – How cute is the molecule-style design on this phone case? You can get it for any iPhone, as well as for your Samsung Galaxy 4, iPad or iPod. Society6 offers a wide range of artist-designed items, which helps you customize your gadget in a unique manner.

3. May28th custom watch ($44) – If you never managed to find the perfect watch for your taste, look no further than May28th. You can completely customize their basic watch, from material, band, buckle & keeper, case and watch arms. More than that, you can customize its background, using one of their ready-made templates, or any of your masterpiece Instagrams! Just log in with your account and beware: you might need one of each.

4. EnChroma sunglasses ($599) – Now this is something that regular sunglasses can’t do: correct color blindness! If this is a problem that bothers you, know that EnChroma sunglasses feature lenses that help you see vivid colors, increasing traffic signals’ colorfulness, additional to blocking UV rays and reducing glare.

5. Daft Punk Headphones ($345) – Daft Punk may have conquered the world with their hit song in 2013, but we think they’re gonna be equally successful in 2014! Their limited edition headphones for Monster feature ultra precision and sound clarity, deep bass and low end surround sound effects, animated lightning effects and passive noise isolation tech. Sounds like a dream, right?