Man, I can’t even believe that its been 8 years since the inception of Don’t Forget a Towel. Something created out of boredom and a love for geeky pop culture. We started at a time when there wasn’t so many sites or heck, YouTube and podcasts weren’t even close to what they are now. Yet, here we are. As we look towards the next 8 years and beyond, I’m confident that Chris and myself and whoever else decides to join us on this crazy journey will be equipped for the next changes. Heck, we’re in a pandemic now and we’re dealing with it the only way we really know how: putting out geeky news and reviews, recording podcasts, and doing a lot of toy collecting. Comics are coming out from DFAT Comics including Inferi 2, Pursuit of Plastic and a few more we have up our sleeves. We started our own Star Wars Roleplaying community. I just have to think that wherever The Force or fate or the galaxy itself decides to take us, we won’t forget where we came from, we won’t forget the people who got us where we are today like the people who contributed and you the reader, and we most certainly won’t be forgetting a towel. – Casey, Co-Editor in Chief

The beautiful thing about DFAT is that it’s always evolving. Nothing stays the same forever and you have to adapt or fail. I remember realizing, before the site, that there was a Toy Fair in New York City. I’ve always been a toy enthusiast so I was excited by the prospect of getting to attend the show. Then I realized it was press only and was disappointed. Then we started this website and a year later we were there. These are the stories of success that I think about the most when it comes to this website. Taking our love of Geekly things and evolving it into something so much more. From Podcasts, to writing comic books and more, I know that no matter what happens the site will always be there. Not only as an great outlet for creativity but a reminder of our accomplishments over the past 8 years. – Chris, Co-Editor in Chief