MattyCollector has a sale coming up!!! August 15th is the day new subscription products are released and fans/OCD Geeks get their demanded figures this month! Even non-sub fans have the chance to pick up some of these great products! Limited quantity of course! Look back here every month as I round-up the best and the worst of the lot.

  1. 8″ Batman figure from the Dark Night Rises with double batarang accessories. Hmmm…almost did it.
  2. The Blue Lion and Princess Allura, Club Lion Force: With Pilot, Lion, and Sword Piece. Collectors, you are so close…I’m Jealous!
  3. Bow, MOTC Classics. Eternian Archer….I remember him as the He-Man Character that only the girls had, he had a heart on his chest. An effin Heart…I see Mattel fixed that one. Seriously, they didnt even put him in scale with the other male figures back then.
  4. Future JLA “Static, AquaGirl, and Micron, DC Justice League Unlimited: This is a neat set. Nice homage to Batman Beyond
  5. Mirror Master, DC Signature Series, Club Infinite Earths: An Irishman with the ability to manipulate time and space. Evan McCulloch is one of my favorite Flash Rogues.
  6. Sir Laser-Lot, 30th Anniversary MOTC Classics. The cousin of Sir Mix A Lot. This Dude is from the future of the He-Man series. He acts as King He-Man’s, Man-at-Arms. Kinda Badass.
  7. Sven, Club Lion Force EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIPTION ONLY: Finally today the one figure you can’t get unless you bought the SUB last year. I’m sure that some of you wish you had/regret you didn’t!!!, here’s an alternate/ORIGINAL pilot for your Blue Lion. You bastards.

Once again, Congrats and thanks to all the fans of the MattyCollector Subs, WE made this happen!!! Even though you’ve locked me in to an expensive 2013 I forgive you all. Saint Walker would want me to. HOPE is what got us there, well and some GREEN (no, not willpower). I am very excited to see what they have in store for the later half of 2013, the SURPRISES ToyGuru hinted at! Hey that’s what NYCC is for!!!!! Look forward to October when we will be doing live updates from New York Comic Con!! See you next month back here for another roundup.