League of Legends is one of the most popular online battle games, with millions of people playing it across the world. In fact, it’s become so popular over the past few years that there’s now even a world championship that’s held once a year for it. This year’s championship final was held yesterday, with team SKT once again being crowned the winners.

The fantastic win that SKT had yesterday reinforces the fact that with hard work, every player can improve their LOL, gaming. (LOL is short for League of Legends.)  Of course, the best way to do that is with practice, and with the help of a few hacks – even the best LOL players use hacks to improve their game. This is because ‘cheating’ is legal, as there are no game-breaking cheats available.


What can cheats and hacks do for your game?

In LOL, hacks and cheats can help you to perform at a better level when playing in games, helping to improve your rank. There are two main ways to use hacks to improve your game – with the use of specialist software or manually. By implementing one of these methods of ‘cheating’, you can improve your game rank, increase play efficiency, and grinding more IP.

Which are the best hacks to implement?

Now that you’re aware of what cheats and hacks can do for your LOL gaming, it’s time to discuss which the best hacks to implement are. Of course, there are some differing opinions over which hacks and cheats are the most effective. This is because different gamers find that different things work for them. So although the below cheats can work well, it may be a case of trial and error to see what tends to work best for you and your gaming.

Zoom camera hacks. These are hacks that help to give players a tactical advantage. These hacks allow you to zoom out on the map and see a larger area, allowing you to achieve a better perspective of the landscape. To use this hack, you need to invest in specialist camera tools that allow you to customize your camera.

Elo boosters. If you want to improve your game rank, using an elo booster could be the answer. There are various companies that offer these types of boosts, increasing your game rank. There are two options for doing this. A skilled LOL player can be hired to play on your account for you or alongside you. The option that you choose depends on your personal preference. Some gamers prefer to rent a skilled duo partner so that they can watch how they play and learn from them. While others prefer to have a skilled gamer do all the work for them.

Key combo bots. In LOL, bots can do all sorts of different things. They can trigger various mechanisms sooner than you can as a player, making them a useful hack to use. Using a bot to press keys for you automatically, can vastly improve your game. However, when it comes to matches, they’re not skilled enough to work well.

These are just a couple of hacks and cheats to try – there are hundreds more that you could opt to use.