In the small, unsuspecting venue called The Comedy Club (if you live in the area, it’s behind the Daisy Duke’s in Webster, NY), Kevin Heffernan (“Farva”) and Steve Lemme (“Mac”) put on a show.

Oh, so you don’t know who they are? Ok. You can leave, this is not the review for you.

Yes, you’re correct, they are members of the comedy group Broken Lizard. Which, if you’ve been living beneath a rock for the past two decades, is (in)famous for such films as Super Troopers, Club Dread, Beerfest, and Slammin’ Salmon.

The show was a perfect blend of original comedy that addressed topics like parenthood, marriage, and…personal grooming (of a sort I won’t go into here) and hilarious recollections of the inspiration for Brewfest, their adventures in promoting Super Troopers, and on-set antics for Club Dread.

While the humor is not for everyone, it was a great blend of storytelling and humor. It’s refreshing when a group that had such a huge hit will still acknowledge it, and also take time to meet fans afterward. People who aren’t familiar with at least one of their films may not appreciate it but if you have seen any of their movies, it’s a delight to see two of the guys in the flesh.

The highlight of the night was just making it into the picture above and shaking both of their hands. That got me one degree of separation closer to Chris Hardwick, as they have a podcast that is part of The Nerdist Network called Chewin’ It with Kevin and Steve.