A little story for The Towelites

The other night I was thinking of jumping ship from our hosting server (go daddy) to some other one. In the process of messing around with the html in an attempt to move, I screwed things up and the site crashed. I don’t know enough about web development to fix it on my own and during that time I gave up and gave in to call go daddy to see if they could fix this. This is all after reading all these horrible reviews about their customer service and web hosting, etc etc.

So, I call them and the guy asks me what the url was that I worked for. I told him “Don’t forget a towel” He started laughing hysterically and then went on about how much he loved the book, it’s one of his favorite of all time, and we waxed idiotic about vogonian poetry and how 42 is always the answer. He helped me fix the site, all the while making jokes about geek stuff and I thanked him profusely. I don’t believe in coincidences and I think that I was SUPPOSED to screw things up, call this particular man, and it gave me more faith in the fact that what I’m doing has purpose and a reason to keep doing the site.

Here’s one random man who just happens to love Hitchhikers Guide, a fellow geek who knew that you ALWAYS have to bring a towel when traveling, and we shared a moment together.

I just thought that was a good story to share with you Towelites. Thanks again for coming to the site, you’re the reason that we exist.