Goodbye Club Infinite Earths and MOTU Classics!!??!!?? We love toys, right?! We love to collect, right?! Both of Mattel’s action figure subscriptions are in threat of not being renewed due to a shortage of subscribers. Those of us with a certain OCD complex with collecting may not get the figures he/she have waited so long for. SO LONG. ALL I NEED/WANT IS JANUARY’S SAINT WALKER BLUE LANTERN FIGURE!!! But all joking aside, these clubs are awesome! All sculpting done by industry leaders THE FOUR HORSEMEN!! Monthly figures! Completed teams! B-Listers!! Head over to MattyCollector’s website and take a look-see. 2013 is also bringing us, for the first time, comic-accurate 6″ Watchmen action figures, ala “Club Black Freighter”! AWESOME! These are guaranteed, but Masters of the Universe and DC Classics are not. Please help the starving babies by shelling out you hard-earned cash. Help your fellow nerds! This I beg of you!


UPDATE!!!  I just ordered my second sub of “Club Infinite Earths”. I will prob use the 2nd sub for photos and reviews. If it happens.