I’m a pretty huge fan of the cartoon series ‘Adventure Time with Finn and Jake’. The series was created by Pendelton Ward and it’s one of the most off-the-wall television/cartoon/anythings that I’ve ever seen. I’m sometimes shocked that it’s even allowed on Cartoon Network. It follows the adventures of a kid named Finn and his best friend and magical dog, Jake. They travel around The Land of Ooo, fighting monsters, helping out princesses and just generally being awesome.

Below I’ve added a couple of pictures I’ve come across with the characters in Adventure Time being mashed-up with different video game/movie/and tv series. It’s pretty incredible and I thought I’d share.  I put my favorites down below, but you can check out SMOSH to see the rest of the gallery. 

What do you guys think is the best mashup? I can’t decide between Breaking Bad and the Zelda one which was my computer background for a long time.