WARNING: Spoilage Ahead

After what most viewers classified as a “lackluster” start to the series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has returned and the team has to rescue Coulson from Centipede. When we last left the Agents the team was about to trade Mike Peterson for his son, who Centipede had kidnapped, but instead ended up taking Coulson instead. Most of this episode deals with Centipede trying to get into Coulson’s memory to “help him” restore the events of what happened after his death. I don’t know why but I think this episode was cut kind of funny, maybe it was because I was watching it on a Wii via Hulu Plus, but something felt off about it. So with Coulson missing Agent Victoria Hand takes charge of the situation but our team doesn’t want to play by her rules. This is the part of the show that I really enjoyed, when Skye is kicked of the Bus by Hand, who asks May if she agrees that Skye is “useful”. May’s answer is no, but it ends up being that she feels that Skye’s resources are more useful on the ground, and they are. Posing as May, Skye is able to discover the location of Coulson. Back on the villain farm, in the middle of the desert actually, Centipede is holding him on an old nuclear test site. The worst villain ever, Edison Po is torturing Coulson, and getting nowhere.

Agents of SHIELD The Magical Place

Enter Reina, who is the better of the two in my opinion, Po is frustrated and then the phone rings. The Clairvoyant orders Po to let Reina take over, and then kills Po, which is fine in my book. Stop wasting my time with crappy villains please. I do find it interesting that the Clairvoyant killed Po over the phone which showed that this character may actually have powers. So Reina takes over and convinces Coulson to go back into the machine. Do we learn anything? No. Which is something I’m getting tired of, especially when they promise answers. At least Ron Glass is back in this episode, and we see him say “this is wrong” over and over again, and also in a scene where Coulson appears in his backseat looking for answers. Do we get them, NO! All we see is Coulson breaking his “Tahiti” brainwashing and showing that he was actually in an operation room where we see his brain being operated on by some sort of machine. Really the only thing that we learn is that Coulson was dead for days. Perhaps the best part of the show is the end credit scene where we learn the fate of Mike Peterson, who wakes up in an unknown location, missing a leg, and seems to have some sort of cybernetic implants! People have speculated that he may be Deathlok, but remember people that Centipede started putting their implants into the their test subjects after they created Peterson. So who has control of him? Is it Centipede? More questions to be answered. I have a question. How does Ward go from being shot in the mid-season finale to being fine in this one?? (Updated) a faithful Towelite has corrected me, Ward was fixed up at the beginning of the episode. It must have slipped my mind after all of the frustrations of the episode !

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1E12 “Seeds