Tonight on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. the hunt for Ian Quinn began! The team went undercover and hitched a ride on a train through the Italian countryside. In pursuit of a certain object of interest named simply “the package”, that the group Cybertek was paid to deliver to Quinn for the Clairvoyant. But what kind of Clairvoyant would he or she be if they weren’t one step ahead of the team?! Believing that they had the upper hand, the Agents couldn’t have been more wrong!

I really liked the way this episode was shot and cut, mini-flashbacks really made for an interesting aspect OR point of view. Cybertek had some sort of technology that via a gas expulsion made the victim lose track of time. So as each scene played out and utterly confused you, the show would rewind a few minutes and show you what happened. It was a pretty original way of doing things and with the cool technology and the non-stop action/intrigue, it almost felt like a James Bond movie, I said almost.

Stan Lee Agents of SHIELDStan Lee had a cameo in this one and his scene played really well with Simmon’s portrayal of her undercover persona, the neglected daughter to Coulson’s selfish, career orientated father figure. Another great scene is when May is captured by the Italian police, who are in cahoots with Ian Quinn, but she escapes and kicks all sorts of ass.

I really thought that maybe we would get more of an explanation of the revelations we learned about Skye in the last episode, Seeds, especially when she gets shot by Quinn. I thought maybe they would have her powers, that’s if she rally has any, manifest and save her. But instead we are left with a big cliffhanger, wondering if Skye will survive or not. Hey maybe her powers will save her in the end, who knows.

The big reveal of this episode is that the team learns that Mike Peterson is alive, but not the same guy that they remember. He is missing parts of his body, his face is all scarred up and he is working for the Clairvoyant, who has complete control over him. The package that Cybertek is delivering to Quinn ends up being a cybernetic leg for Peterson, which they attach to him. Then Peterson, following the orders of the Clairvoyant, kills all of the Cybertek agents. At the end of the episode we learn that he is indeed Deathlok as the camera zooms into his leg and what is imprinted on it, reading project Deathlok. A Great origin story for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and another positive notch in the shows belt. I am really looking forward to seeing where this story arc will take us, and finding out who the Clairvoyant is! Another great name drop as well, Emil Blonsky a.k.a. The Abomination, as we find out what his fate was after The Incredible Hulk. And speaking of The Incredible Hulk, whatever happened to Dr Samuel Sterns, aka the Leader?? The Clairvoyant anyone?! Make it so, or M.O.D.O.K. please!


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1E14 featuring Bill Paxton as Agent John Garrett!

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